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Select whatever type of dog training you need! Sally Said So Dog Training in Asheville is certain to cover all your dog training needs.


Sally Said So Professional Dog Training in Asheville offers a large selection of dog training services and programs. From dog aggression training, to AKC certification, to puppy training classes, and more!

Shane Gentry, our certified top dog trainer, utilizes scientifically proven dog training techniques while providing a consistent and fair environment for your dog. His genuine love for animals and the community strengthens his determination for your dog’s success. At the same time, he understands that a happy dog owner is very important. Shane works with both the dog and the owner to make a positive difference in every dog owner’s life!

With the power of positive reinforcement and Sally Said So’s reward-based training, your dog learns to behave well and do nice things for you. This dog training method also improves the bonding relationship between the dog and owner.  Every time your dog does something good and you give them a reward (usually a treat) you introduce “see owner- get treat – positive feeling” response. Since you are conditioning the emotional response, every case of reward strengthens the dog’s positive feelings towards you and their own good behaviour.

Our aggressive dog training classes are very beneficial and very in-demand, particularly if you a baby on the way. We help dog owners prepare themselves to deal with their dog’s responsive behavior to major life changes that may occur (moving, new baby, another pet in the house, etc). Sometimes when big changes happen, a dog may feel stressed and act out aggressively. That’s where our dog training classes in Asheville come in to help. We can help the dog and owner cope effectively and work together harmoniously in such stressful life-changing times. You won’t miss the dog barking, and misplaced aggression, your dog will be wrapped around your finger. Also, if you have a new pup, and we can get a head start on puppy training them early – which produces the ultimate dog training results! So, if you’re looking for the right “dog training near me” look no further!

We offer a wide range of professional dog training services in Asheville and beyond including:


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If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just call the experts at Sally Said So Professional Dog Training in Asheville TODAY at (828) 439-0963 or fill out our contact form. We are here to provide more information about our services and even schedule a private, in-home consultation to tell you exactly which dog training program we recommend to help your dog succeed. Remember, change is possible –  regardless of how young or old your dog is.


Talk to our expert dog trainers. To get started we do a 1-on-1 dog training consultation where we meet with you and your dog to find the best solution. The methods used are ones we determine at the consultation.

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Don’t limit yourself! We also train cats!

If you have a cat and dog it would be puuurfect to get training for both – since they will need to cohabitate cooperatively.

Dr. Jennifer Goetz is the cat expert and can help your cat safely and comfortably cohabitate with your dog!